Fleet Management & Tracking

TrakIT is a fleet management tracking product. It uses sophisticated algorithms in conjunction with proven vehicle location and mobile data communications technology specifically developed to reduce costs, gain new levels of control and improve service.

Hardware Installation

Discreet units fitted to each vehicle enable two way data communication with their drivers and provide regular vehicle location updates together with any additional data from eventual on board sensors. The information is made available through a web based application, designed for compatibility with the latest mobile browsers, which enables our customers’ personnel to monitor their fleets from anywhere.

Cartographic Providers

The system is designed to be able to utilise a variety of cartographic providers ranging from standard online maps, including satellite views, to specific custom made maps as required. The positions of the tracked vehicles are plotted on the map giving the customer an accurate real time picture of where their vehicles are located. Data on speed, address, direction and status of the vehicle is available on-screen; providing the customer with the information required undertaking more cost effective decisions.

Fleet Analysis & Utilisation

The location data is automatically collated and transferred into meaningful management information stored in a data warehouse which is made available through the reporting subsystem. Data can be printed out or transferred to spreadsheet packages for easy analysis of vehicle fleet utilisation. The system can provide exception reporting, automated management information, improved service response times, greater productivity and improved security and safety.


GPS Tracking

Product Strengths

  1. Multilingual
  2. Locate and track vehicles
  3. Real-time alerts on status changes
  4. Identify vehicle closest to your customer
  5. Watchbox (Geofence) alerts to identify when vehicles have entered or left specific areas
  6. Standard and tailored reports for historical activity, out of hours use, speeding and location
  7. Trip replay function to display your historical journey data
  8. Simplicity, a completely intuitive interface that requires no user training.
  9. Integration with digital and analogue devices
  10. Full system configuration control

LOQUS Business Intelligence

LOQUS provides an efficient fleet management solution for businesses. With hundreds of field service engineers, drivers and technicians from diverse industries running over thousands of vehicles between them, the solution provides you with the necessary custom-made software tools, to keep your fleet and your business moving.


By adhering to the principles of progressive enhancement and addressing constraints first, we're laying a future-friendly foundation that gives our solutions a better chance of working in future browsers and environments.


Browser: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and SignalR.
Web Nodes: IIS8, .NET Framework 4.5, C#, SignalR and JSON.NET.
SQL Server Backplane: SQL Server 2012, High availability mirroring, SignalR and JSON.NET.


Click here to download the solution's brochure.

Click here to download the solution's brochure.