Who are We?

LOQUS came about as an extension of the former Datatrak Group yet encompasses a whole new range of business units which can be divided into 5 main business functions: Infomobility, Geomatics, ICT Solutions, Public Sector Business, Management Services.

From Past To Present

Today, with more than a decade of successful activities both locally and overseas, the Group is a fully-fledged Information Technology (IT) Company focusing mainly on Software Development, Web Based Services and Application Service Provision (ASP).

Planning Ahead

We strive to help customers achieve success cost effectively by offering services and solutions through Infomobility, Geomatic, ICT, Public Sector Business and Management Services arms, both locally and internationally.

Our History

LOQUS, formerly known as Datatrak

Datatrak IT Services Ltd (DITSL) was formed in the early 1990's with the specific aim of furnishing local and international markets with GIS. It has been operating in the geomatics field ever since, successfully providing consultancy, GIS, mapping and remote sensing services to various government departments and authorities, parastatal organisations, private companies and numerous other clients.

Datatrak Solutions International Ltd (DSIL) is the software solution arm of the Datatrak Group. It was formed in 2003 and together with its sister Company DITSL offered a complete range of GIS-related services from field data capture to the development and implementation of GIS-based solutions, mobile data solutions, software and web application development and a wide range of other professional services.

Today, with more than a decade of successful activities both locally and overseas, LOQUS Group is a fully-fledged Information Technology (IT) Company focusing mainly on Software Development, Web Based Services and Application Service Provision (ASP). DSIL and DITSL are incorporated within Loqus Holdings plc, a public quoted company on the Malta Stock Exchange whose major shareholders are JFC Holdings Ltd and Go P.L.C.

LOQUS Business Intelligence


LOQUS business ethos is that of providing value to its clients. Our clients all search for business success, they all look for ways how to improve their operations, reduce their operational costs, improve their response times, increase efficiency, and have a healthier bottom line. LOQUS is cognisant of this, and has placed these client objectives as its own. We measure our success through the achievement of our clients success. We go all-out to deliver value to our clients.


Our client-centric approach, coupled with our solutions which are specifically designed to provide our clients with a rapid return on their investments is one of the key elements as to why our client base increases day after day. Our clients originate from varied markets ranging from companies and organisations which have fleet logistics and dispatch as one of their core businesses, to clients who need to streamline and manage more effectively their field services; their dispatching process; and, the safety and security of their people, goods, vehicles, vessels and valuables.


Loqus has an international client portfolio with solutions in use in various European and African countries and hailing from various sectors including:

  • TRANSPORT & Logistics
  • Field Services
  • Postal & COURIER
  • OIL & GAS
  • Waste Management
  • Law Enforcement


Tracking more than 14,000 units both on land and at sea, using advanced Geographical Information Systems and including state-of-the-art dispatch and logistics management solutions, our clients, irrespective if they are a micro-company or a large blue-chip company, all experienced significant improvements in their operations and improved their bottom lines.

A major vehicle rescue and recovery operator in the UK commented that:
"We have looked at various potential systems that purported to handle our requirements and found that Datatrak's solutions (now known as LOQUS) gave us all the functionality we required at an extremely competitive price. We were initially sceptical that Datatrak's solutions (now LOQUS) could deliver on all its promises but after an extensive trial of the system during which we were given sterling support by the Datatrak (now known as LOQUS) team we were confident enough to proceed with the implementation of the system."

A laundry distribution division within a renowned hospitality company mentioned that: "Thanks to the LOQUS solutions, we are now attending to calls faster, more efficiently and managed to save on our fuel costs!"

If you are looking for a solution in order to improve your operational efficiency and bottom line, contact us, and we will be more than happy to assess how we can help you achieve your objectives.

Mission Statement

Provide our customers with technology of the future to help them operate better, faster and more efficiently today.
  • microsoft certified partner
  • best ict company award 2007
  • research and development merit award 2007
  • most innovative maltese company award 2006