Local Enforcement System

The Local Enforcement System groups together up a number of participants including statutory bodies and private agencies. The key players forming the Local Enforcement are the Regional Committees, the Local Councils and the Local Tribunals.

System objective

Loqus works in close collaboration with all our clients to constantly maintain and enhance the system. The Department of Local Government stands at the core of the process and governs the way the system evolves and moves forward. Loqus under direction of DLG and the Ministry also cooperates with the LES Management Committee on any required enhancements.

System Modules

The Local Enforcement system is composed of a variety of modules including a route creation and management tool, an allocation software, a tribunal manager tool, a petition module, an online citizen facing module, payment facilities, accounting and debt collection tools, online tracking of offices and assets, an extensive list of out of the box and tailor made reports plus more.

How It Works

Loqus aims to increase efficiency and transparency through the Local Enforcement System. It ensures accountability and auditability throughout the system. And above all Loqus works to maintain an end-user friendly and customer-oriented approach to it's clients.

Recent Works

Enforcement Management System

Product Strenghts

  1. Fully fledged solution covering from Resource Management through the whole Contravention process and after Tribunal processing and payment
  2. Warden and Route Schedule Management
  3. Real Time Tracking of Officers and Vehicles via GPS-GPRS integrated solutions
  4. Real Time booking of offences including photographic evidence
  5. Advanced Allocation software ensuring the most optimized schedule for cases
  6. Generation of all documents required through the process and recording of issuance of such documents
  7. Generation, Printing and Summons Delivery achieving high rates of Delivery success using also alternative addresses recorded on the system from past experience
  8. Fully fledged tribunal management software allowing the recording of all the progress within the sitting, outcome of cases and printing of sentences and documents as necessary
  9. Full audit trail available on the system
  10. Advanced Payment, Accounting and Reconciliation Facilities
  11. Extensive search, standard and custom reporting tools available
Enforcement Management Solution
The EMS entails a substantial devolution of power to Local Governments. EMS is a tightly integrated solution based on the process rather than individual functions. EMS links together Governments, Police and Service Providers to revolutionise the way enforcement is managed.

Management of:
  • Tickets
  • Fines & Payments
  • Summons & Delivery Receipts
  • Court Sittings
  • Appeals Systems
  • Police and other Enforcement Officers
  • Service Providers
  • and more ...
Our state of the art GPS-GPRS tracking software allows tracking of officers and their vehicles 24 hours a day, anytime anywhere.
  • Shifts and routes downloaded automatically on log-in
  • Accurate position status via GPS
  • Real-time transmission via GPRS
  • Full audit trail
  • Efficient field management

Offence Booking
EMS caters for live on the spot booking as well as back-end booking. Officers on the beat use online HHCs. Offenders detected through speed and cctv cameras are recorded back-end.
  • Data-base managed vehicle & person information assures high level of data integrity
  • Elimination of abuses common in manual processes

Appeal Process
EMS covers all the different processes required at the various levels of the tribunal and appeal stages: allocation of hearings; management of sittings; generation, printing and delivery of all notices including tribunal documentation such as case list, summons and witness reports.
  • Efficient management of slots available for hearings and sittings
  • Status registration of all documentation issued

EMS adjusts and records the payment due automatically, depending on the stage at which payment is effected. Payment may be affected during any stage of the process, through various payment methods, including online.
  • Facilitated method and place of payment
  • Significant decrease in the timeframe between ticket issue date and payment
  • Percentage payments have increased

EMS provides a comprehensive reporting tool offering an indispensable means for effective management and operations control..
  • Customized reports
  • Tailor-made reports
  • Involved various meetings with key players
  • Design document approved
  • There was a need to deliver in record time due to political pressure
  • System was first which integrated real time transmission of data/location with law enforcement
  • We had to design a system not with standing the limitations in the technology of the day
  • The system encompasses the complete cycle starting from the planning of resources, issuing of the contravention through the tribunal process to the eventual payment of the fine and debt collection process in case of non-payment

LOQUS Business Intelligence

LOQUS provides an efficient management solution for business. With hundreds of enforcement officers, field service officers, drivers and other users from diverse entities, the solution provides you with the necessary custom-made software tools, to keep your business moving.


The Local Enforcement System entails a substantial devolution of power to Local Governments. The system is a tightly integrated solution based on the process rather than individual functions. The Local Enforcement System links together Governments, Police and Service Providers to revolutionise the way enforcement is managed.


  • Over 3.45 million valid tickets issued since inception
  • Around 246,000 valid tickets issued in 2013
  • Over 20,000 summons issued monthly
  • 85% of tickets paid
  • Over 3,000 registered users