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DispatchIT fleet management software is an easy to use, dynamic Job Management/Dispatching and Processing system. It is designed to provide companies with an automated, end-to-end, real time solution offering the necessary tools to manage jobs in a more cost effective and efficient manner.


RouteIT allows you to optimize your deliveries and jobs based on the way you work. RouteIT provides you with a mechanism that will take as input a list of deliveries and pickups and, based on a set of parameters, generates a series of optimised routes.


TrakIT is a totally new concept in distribution/services fleet management. It uses sophisticated and proven vehicle location and mobile data communications technology developed to reduce costs, gain new levels of control and improve service.


VMS provides a high level of safety and security for seafarers whilst out at sea. The VMS terminal has an alarm, which once triggered immediately transmits a generic distress message to the designated monitoring bureau/authority.